Email Marketing

Did you know you are 6 times more likely to get higher click-through rates with emails compared to social media? The relevance of email marketing has continued to grow in the past few years, and it’s only going to continue well into 2022 and beyond. As we’ve already begun to see, businesses will find it increasingly difficult to track and gauge customer interest and attention through social media. The latest iOS 14 software updates have given audiences the option to opt out of tracking for Facebook and consequently impacting the way businesses are able target and retarget their audience behaviour.   

Therefore, it’s important to make sure you’re putting in your best efforts with your email marketing campaigns now in order to stay ahead of the curve. Not only is email marketing great for return on investment, but you also have a database of people that are already interested in your brand/business. Half the work is already done for you! You have the ability to capture and request the information that is most relevant to your business. It might be name and email address only or capturing a phone number might be something that you would find beneficial when dealing with customers. You can even request their birth date and send them an automated Happy Birthday!

Creating email campaigns can be as basic or complex as you wish. We can set up your emailing system with automation flows and weekly newsletters that can begin to reach out to the people that are most interested in what you have to say.

We can help with website forms so that you can begin capturing names and email addresses automatically. They will then collate within your preferred emailing software and the real magic begins. Your audience will begin their journey with introductions, offers, events and just about anything you want to communicate with your audience.

We can also create the design of your emails so that you have fresh, modern templates ready to go each month accompanied by your new monthly content. If you’re not comfortable with adding the latest content yourself, we can do that all for you too. We’ll come up with catchy email subject lines, so that we immediately grab the attention of your reader. We can segment your audiences to ensure that the content we’re creating is of value and your open and click through rate is high.

Email marketing is a fantastic tool that will take your business to the next level. We’ll create and design a comprehensive sales flow that will encourage your followers to engage and untimely reach your business goal, i.e., to buy, book a service or at minimum make an enquiry.

Get in touch and we can discuss a customised email plan just for you.