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Google My Business

 Get your customers informed, updated, and connected with a great Business Profile. Manage your business with Google My Business.

Google My Business on mobile
Google My Business

Your customers have the perfect opportunity to connect with you – by calling, messaging, and leaving reviews. It’s a bit like a business hub with all your information in one place for your customers to easily access in search results.

·         Engage with customers on Google for free

Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps.

 ·         Get customers with a great Business Profile

You can post photos and offers to your profile to show what makes your business unique and give customers reasons to choose you every time.

·         Give customers more ways to reach you

Your customers are ready to connect – by calling, messaging or leaving reviews. Now with more ways to transact, you can do more business.

·         See how customers connect

Clicks, calls, bookings, follows – see how your customers engage with your Business Profile.

Google My Business is more than just a local listing, your Business Profile lets you manage how your business appears on Google Search and Maps. What’s even better is it’s free! 

What types of businesses benefit from Google My Business?

The good news is all businesses benefit from being listed on Google. If you’re an Ecommerce business, there is the option to hide a physical address. You can add your business hours, the services you offer, the products you sell and any other information you’d like to share with your audience.

Are you launching a new product and you have some fantastic photos you’d like to showcase? You might be a café or restaurant that has some new menu items you’d like to share. Customers are looking for more than just a local listing. Your Business Profile on Google lets you feature the best of your business. When you make it easy to do business, your business grows. 

It all sounds pretty good, right? We think it does too.

Whilst the process of building your Google My Business isn’t difficult, it can be timing consuming. You will need to keep up with optimisation and keeping your Business Profile fresh and up to date.

We can help you build your profile and link your accounts. We can link your Google Search Console, Google Ads and optimise your listing which will ensure you’re utilising this free advertising space. We can keep your profile up to date, share your new blog link, keep your photos fresh and reply to reviews. 

If you haven’t heard or even considered creating your Google My Business profile you’re missing out.

Google Maps

If you’re a bricks and mortar business, are you even a business if you’re not on Google Maps? Just kidding, kind of. It’s another free service to list your business for people to easily access you. If you’re an online only business, you have the option of listing the area you’re located in rather than using a personal address. The good thing is, once you set up your Google My Business, your business location will automatically be added to Google Maps.

Google Ads

Do you need some help setting up your Google Ad strategy? If Google Ads isn’t optimised correctly, you might just fall down the Google rabbit hole. You have the potential to waste your money and even worse, left with zero results.

We can help with Google keyword research which is the very first step in exploring where your business sits within the market. We can assist with finding your niche keyword list for you to be smart about your keyword bidding. We’ll work within your budget and carefully strategise copy and messaging to get the best results for your business.

For example, if your business is a dog grooming service instead of bidding on ‘dog grooming’, we’d consider ‘dog grooming Adelaide’ or ‘small dog grooming’. Bidding on common keywords end up costing you too much money, without results.

Google Adwords can feel intimidating and hard to know where to start. We will set up your account, run your campaigns and recommend the best option and advice for your budget.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is where all your business’ data sits. It’s a tool which shows you how people came to your website and what they did there. Google Analytics will help you understand more than just your website visits. We will connect your platforms so that we can start monitoring and tracking what performs the best for your business. Which referral channel are your customer’s finding you from:- search, newsletters, Google Adwords or social media. We know the tricks so we can maximise your budget and get the conversions.

Need help with Google Marketing? Perfect! Get in touch.