Social Media Marketing

Love it or hate it, social media needs to be part of your digital marketing strategy. Consistency, good content, and presentation are all the key factors in creating a strong social media presence.

Unfortunately, when you’re running your own business social media falls right down the to-do list. You’re too busy bringing in new business, dealing with clients/customers, or keeping your website up to date – who has time to post on Insta!

We can find which social platforms will enhance your business. We will also create content in advance so that you can schedule ahead of time without having to scramble and stress for new content each day.

We can work with you to develop the right tone and messaging for your social media posts.  We’ll create an organic social media calendar so that you know what’s being posted at what time. You may like to share a new blog, a new product, or service. We can recommend the content you need to create an aesthetically pleasing feed for social media.

If you’re looking to go that one step further through Facebook advertising, we can help you set up your campaigns.

Facebook Campaigns are a fantastic resource to promote your business. It’s complicated; setting up audiences, retargeting, and how to advertise without that gimmicky feeling when you’re being sold to. Testing audiences, content and copy are all part of the process whilst we can collect data to fully understand what works for your audience.

We want you to get results without the risk of wasting money on useless Facebook Campaigns that do more damage to your business than good!

Social media is a fantastic tool that can elevate your business if done well. Consistency is key, and the process is often slow to get real results. It takes time to build a following, gain momentum and ultimately drive sales. A well thought out, social media strategy is imperative to achieve great results. We’re here, ready, and waiting to begin your social media journey!


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