Google Search’s Core Updates

Did you know that Google makes significant changes to its search algorithms several times a year? These updates, known as core updates, are designed to ensure that search results are helpful and reliable for users like you.  Google released a core update on 2nd November 2023 and the rollout will take up to two weeks to complete.

So, how do core updates work? Well, they’re not about targeting specific pages or sites, but rather about improving how Google’s systems assess content overall. This means that some pages that were previously under-rewarded may start performing better in search results. It’s all about delivering the most relevant and valuable information to you!Google icon

If you’re a website owner or content creator, it’s essential to assess and potentially improve your content. But don’t worry if your pages experience changes after a core update – it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them. Instead, focus on offering the best content possible, as that’s what Google’s algorithms seek to reward.

To help you create successful content, Google Search Central has a helpful guide on how to create helpful, reliable people-first content. It includes questions you can ask yourself when assessing your own content, ensuring you’re providing value to your audience.

And what about recovering from a core update? Well, broad core updates tend to happen every few months, and if your content was impacted, it may take until the next update for it to recover. However, Google is constantly making smaller updates to its algorithms, so improvements can lead to a quicker recovery.  Learn more about Google Search Updates.

Remember, there’s no guarantee of recovery or a static position in search results. If there’s more deserving content out there, it will continue to rank well with Google’s systems.